Studies have shown ingesting protein after a workout can minimize muscle recovery time. Studies have shown ingesting antioxidants after a workout can also help to minimize muscle soreness and recovery time. So what if you have both after a workout? What kind of muscle soreness will you experience?

A recent study set out to answer this question by setting up a trial in which sixty sedentary college aged males completed 100 eccentric muscle contractions performed at maximal effort and then were given protein, antioxidants or both after their workout to compare results.

They observed peak isokinetic torque, thigh circumference and muscle soreness in each individual following their controlled workout.

Their results suggest that ingesting protein helps to facilitate the recovery of muscle function within the 24 hours following eccentric exercises and the addition of antioxidants helps to alleviate muscle soreness than protein alone.

Check out the study for yourself here.

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